Two American backpackers in Amsterdam

Two American backpackers in Amsterdam, Josh (Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Jay Hernandez), along with their Icelandic friend, Oli are lured into a hostel Slovakia where they are told the woman are eagar to pleasure American men. They’re travelling Europe for a last trip before they graduate from college, so there are no holds barred when it comes to sex, drugs and anything else that comes their Cheap Jerseys china way. Once they reach Slovaki, Josh and “Pax” hook up with 2 very accommodating and very beautiful women, Natalya and Svetlana, and things go a bit weird.

This was definitely a whirlwind 1 hour and 35 minutes. Any longer and things may have gone very, very wrong and very, very long. I went to see this movie with my friend, who was completely grossed out and freaked out…just as the hype said she should be. I’m not sure if I was expecting more or have just seen one too many horror films because I thought it was kind of tame.

Jay Hernandez was great as Paxton, as far as performances go…but my goodness, this guy made some pretty stupid decisions. I won’t go into them here because you’ll kill me for spoiling the movie. The movie was rather predictable, but in an enjoyable way, if you know what I mean. You knew what was coming up and it’s kind of what you wanted to happen. Many people got their just desserts and that’s all I’ll say!

Final comment: If these guys had put Canadian flag patches on their backpacks, they may not have run into so many problems. It seems that Americans are very valuable in this grotesque game.

Director: Eli Roth

Producers: Boaz Yakin, Scott Spiegel, Quentin Tarantino

Starring: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Jan Vlask, Barbara Nedeljkov, Eythor Gudjonsson